In the pink corner we have DigitalRev the peoples champion conducting a POV camera Vs POV camera review, and in the blue corner…..Amendment of Rules. The promoter reserves the right to amend the rules of the review from time to time as considered necessary….TAKEDOWN!!!
Now I for one was not going to pony up to see this stouch on PPV anytime soon…. However when it involves the ultimate warrior stepping into the ring to put a stop to an Action Cam A Vs Action Cam B fight…. I’m in.


GoPro has played the (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) DMCA card via their Brand Manager Patrick Hayes, and asked that a webpage which featured a review of the latest Sony and GoPro cameras be removed.

DigitalRev did strip the review from that webpage but only as they claim to keep the whole website up and running. SoftLayer who are DigitalRev’s web-hosting provider received the DMCA notice and alerted DigitalRev of its contents… Remove or me removed.

At issue is DigitalRev’s use of “GOPRO” Registered: 3/3/2009 US Registration# 3032989 and “HERO” Registered: 12/20/2005 US Registration# 3308141 and so was ordered to disable or remove access to the following article found at URL

But wait there is more…..

On Reddit came the replies from someone calling themselves GoPro_HERO:

this company isn’t an approved GoPro dealer. We have a team that vets every company before they can sell our product. It’s detrimental to our brand or any brand for that matter to use trademarked images in an incorrect manner.


Hey all- I’m out at X Games Tignes right now with the Director of PR for GoPro. I showed this to him as soon as I saw it (it had 3 comments). He dropped everything to address this issue, and it’s an unfortunate miscommunication. Below is the blurb he just wrote out for my favorite GoPro community.

Thanks for the heads up on this issue. The letter that was posted next to the review on DigitalRev was not sent in response to the review. Obviously, we welcome editorial reviews of our products. This letter was sent because DigitalRev is not an authorized reseller of GoPro products and they were using images and had incorrect branding and representation of our product in their online commerce store. As part of our program – we ask merchants who are selling our product to use authorized images. That is why DigitalRev was contacted. But – our letter did not clearly communicate this and that is something we will correct.

If anyone has some questions, give me an orangred.

edit: For anyone out at X Games in France come say hi!

So there you have it… Dodgy URL’s, Trademarks, for some reason Copyright issues and oh do please go to that DigitalRev websites URL; yes the one that is in trouble and click on the banners selling GoPro and Sony action cameras. Or go to the Subreddit site and look at that logo….
And remember never let facts get in the road of a good story…. Or Takedown.

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