According to a Televisual survey the most hired camera last year in the UK was the Canon C300.

Taking out the honour for another year.

Canon C300 Hire

Televisual Magazine have been conducting camera hire surveys for the last nine years to reveal the 10 most hired cameras of the year in the UK.

Last year they said the ARRI Amira camera would be the hot ticket item for 2014… The Amira made the top 10 hired cameras for 2014, but it wasn’t the most sort after camera.

Televisual Magazine do however predict the ARRI Amira to gun for top spot in 2015 if the hire price drops.

Read on for the 10 most hired cameras in 2014.

1. Canon C300

“The secret of the Canon C300’s success is its ability to delivers a large sensor look at a very keen price – at £160 slightly less than last year’s hire average.”

2. Arri Alexa

“The Arri Alexa is the one choice for drama and I can’t see that changing in the immediate term,” says VMI md Barry Bassett. The Arriraw option works for most at the high end, although ProVision sales and ops manager Danny Howarth notes demand for 4K is on the increase.

“Productions are actively seeking a 4K camera with a proven post workflow. Having the ability to ”push in” on shots coupled with added resolution for vfx and future proofing, 4K options maybe the choice of camera for 2015. That said, it will take a big push to knock the Alexa from the top spot for drama.”

3. Sony F55

“The F55 just seems to get more and more popular over time,” says Bluefin’s Ant Leake.

4. Arri Amira

The Amira is this year’s highest new entrant – no surprise to S+O’s Olly Wiggins. “It’s a fantastic all rounder if you have the budget, with Alexa picture quality, but better ergonomics, high frame rates and built in NDs.“ Last year’s 4K upgrade has paved the way for it to become the most popular camera in television.

5. Red Epic

A good year for the Epic which has become more popular as 4K has moved centre stage. The Epic has impressed in genres such as natural history, with the Dragon upgrade offering a pathway to 6K.

6. Canon XF305

Launched in 2010 the XF-305 continues to be a workhorse for many self-shooters. It’s not hard to see why hire companies and TV producers love it – it’s a low cost option with a great lens and cost effective memory cards.

7.= Sony F800

Still performing strongly despite being discontinued, the F800 was one of Sony’s most popular cameras. It continues to hire on multi-camera shoots and shows where its disc-based recording format can be used as an archive.

7.= Red Dragon

Red’s faith in 4K and above has certainly paid off, with a wide range of users impressed with the optional Dragon sensor upgrade. The Dragon is now widely used in natural history and commercials. Says S+O’s Olly Wiggins: “The sensor has vastly improved the picture quality of the Epic and it remains the preferred commercials and vfx camera.”

8. Sony PMW700

Says Bluefin’s Ant Leake: “Large sensor cameras may dominate but there is still a valid place for cameras like the PMW-500.” It continues to do well in factual and news production where shallow depth of field is not required.

10. Sony PMW200

Sony’s answer to low light, run and gun shooting, the PMW-200 has dropped from 4th place this year. But Rosemary Hill, hire manager at The Kitroom says that its still popular, despite being replaced by the Sony PXW-X200. “Its build quality means it’s a joy for us rental companies.”

Please see Televisual Magazine for the complete rundown on the 2014 most hired cameras in the UK, and check out the magazine coming out for the complete write up.

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