Aaton Digital have slipped out a sneak peek at what while be the final look for the Cantar-X3 prepared for IBC 2014. Aaton Digital will be at booth 11.F31 at the convention.

Aaton Cantar-X3

Here is the older press release from Aaton Digital stating that they are committed to developing further technologies in cameras and audio recording devices.

For ten years, the Cantar X-2 has been the ultimate benchmark for audio field recording.

Today, a new machine, the Aaton Cantar X3 has been designed by the same team that created its predecessor.

Presented during the MicroSalon in Paris last February, it echoes the founding principles of the previous Aaton recorder while adding new characteristics that users can expect in 2014.

It combines the ergonomics of the X2 and its outstanding microphone preamplifiers which has been redesigned to improve filtering possibilities and reduce the noise level, also new functionalities such as an optional Audinate’s Dante IP networking, while additional features are accessed through an improved human interface with new display based menu control. Transvideo has designed the display.

Its avionics aluminium machined housing, water and dust proof with a durable coating coming from military industry, together with an exceptionally long run time makes it the perfect portable tool for outside location work. Extended linear faders, smooth rotary knobs and silent switches are what you need in a concert hall.

External devices can be simultaneously linked to the Cantar X3 through widely used audio and computer connectors adding new capabilities for this machine to be scalable for the next twenty years.

Tim White, Production Sound Mixer said “As a Cantar X2 user, I have become used to the highest quality audio available in a portable recorder. I look forward to the Cantar X3 building on X2, much expanded in terms of track count, analogue inputs, digital inputs – both AES and IP – in a new futuristic chassis with bespoke controls and rock solid firmware.”

Pre-order sales will start after NAB2014 for a delivery this fall.

Established in Grenoble, France, since the early 70s, French Company Aaton made a name for itself with innovations which became widespread in the film industry: in camera time recording, Super 16, built-in video assist, film code readers and accurate data management for non linear editing systems.

Over the last 40 years, Aaton product design, insisting on putting ergonomics first, has given the filmmakers the tools they need to better serve their trade, create new aesthetics and adapt to a constantly evolving industry.

In June 2013, AATON become AATON-Digital.

While developing new products, AATON-Digital provides service for existing products, including film cameras and audio recorders.

See more at: https://www.aaton.com/

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