Alphatron have slipped out a sneak peek of a new EVF ENG bracket that’s coming early 2014.

Alphatron EVF ENG Bracket

Alphatron has developed a new bracket especially for the Alphatron Electronic View Finder. This bracket mounts the Alphatron EVF to ENG style cameras such as Sony and JVC shoulder cameras and includes a universal microphone holder with shock mount.

The bracket enables the cameraman to smoothly adjust the position of the EVF to his convenience. An Allen key is included, so the friction head can easily be adjusted.

The bracket is easily attached to the camera, by sliding it on the camera’s mounting shoe and fastening it with the left-to-right positioning ring.

The EVF ENG Bracket will be available at your local dealer on the 15th of January, 2014!

Please see Alphatron for more about their upcoming EVF ENG bracket.

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