Ikegami took that ARRI / Ikegami UnicamHD HDK-97ARRI half and half camera to the Japanese countryside to shoot a demo reel.

Ikegami UnicamHD HDK-97ARRI

Nikko Toshogu and Chuzenji north of Tokyo are World Heritage Listed Sites, so what better environment to shoot a demo reel of the Super 35mm HDK-97ARRI camera’s capabilities outside of a controlled studio environment.

Lenses used on the UnicamHD HDK-97ARRI camera outdoors shoot:

Fujinon: ZK4.7×19, ZK3.5×85
ZEISS: CP.2 15 mm/T2.9, CP.2 35 mm/T1.5 Super Speed

Ikegami UnicamHD HDK-97ARRI Camera

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