Schneider presented several new B+W filters at this year’s PhotoPlus in New York. The range of XS-Pro filters has been expanded to include a variable ND filter and Schneider adds smaller diameters of UV and clear filters to its line-up. The classic ND filter series now includes an E 82mm size and two new rectangular ND grads.

For versatile light control, the new XS-Pro ND Vario offers continuous adjustment of optical density without having to change the filter. This high precision filter can be used with variable f-stops. Thanks to the oversized mount, it is compatible with wide-angle lenses and may be combined with other NDs as well. It is equipped with a front thread to hold additional accessories.

Schneider XS-Pro ND Vario

In action, the XS-Pro ND Vario adapts to different subjects and photographic requirements to achieve the right effect. The use of an ND filter is indispensible in many situations: Portrait photographers, for example, usually need a large aperture, even in a bright environment, to make subjects stand out against the background. Architectural photographers can use the filters to make passers-by walking through the scene “invisible” by extending the exposure time to several minutes; and for landscape photography, NDs help to make flowing water or the surface of the sea look soft, even in bright daylight.

XS-Pro Digital ND Vario filters are available in 52, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 and 82mm diameters, with f-stops ranging from +1 to +5. They utilize Schneider’s MRC nano coating technology to optimize quality and durability. They will be available in 2013.

Now even small diameter wide-angle lenses can enjoy the benefits of slim XS-Pro filters. The new 007 Clear fulfills the demands of photographers for lens protection without a filtering effect. The B+W XS-Pro helps keep dirt, sand and water splashes away from the front element, without affecting the image.

Schneider XS-Pro filter

The 010 UV offers protection and also blocks unwanted UV rays in daylight. It is especially useful in preventing the blue cast often characteristic when shooting in seaside and mountain locations.

All XS-Pro digital filters are equipped with Schneider’s MRC nano coating so the outer layer offers improved water-repellency, which makes the filter surface quicker and easier to clean. The hydrophobic coating also prevents the lens from fogging up when moving from a cold to a warm environment.

Schneider B+W Filter

Equipped with a front thread to mount additional accessories and a snap-on lens cap, XS-Pro filters are available this winter in 30.5, 35.5, 37, 39, 40.5, 43 and 46mm diameters.

The range of B+W graduated ND filters which is available has been expanded to include two new 100 x 150 x 2mm rectangular models: the 701 (50 % transmission, +1 f-stop) and the 702 (25 % transmission, +2 f-stops). One half of the filter is ND with a smooth transition into the neutral half of the filter. Ideal for creative effects, they can be moved in the filter channel and rotated with the filter mount to precisely align the graduation to the horizon.

B+W rectangular filters are plane-parallel cut and polished and employ nano technology to guarantee long-lasting, high optical quality. They are suitable for Lee and Cokin Z filter holders, as well as other filter holders with 100mm-wide and 2mm-thick filter slots. Graduated ND filters are colorless and compensate for excessive contrast between the sky and the landscape, so clouds have more definition and blue skies have greater depth. The filters are available in the winter of 2012.

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