Rokinon is pleased to announce two new Special Performance (SP) lenses. Rokinon lenses that perform to the highest photographic standards will carry the SP designation. The new Rokinon SP 85mm F1.2 Full Frame and the new Rokinon SP 14mm F2.4 Full Frame for Canon EF mount are now available at authorized Rokinon dealers. Equipped with the most advanced optical technology, the new SP series raises Rokinon’s acclaimed image quality to another level.

Both the Rokinon SP 85mm F1.2 & the Rokinon SP 14mm F2.4 lenses provide image quality for 50 megapixels photo and 8K video productions with exceptional low light, bokeh and selective focus capabilities. Their unprecedented resolving power and correction of aberrations can actually capture more detail than what your eyes can see. This abundant light information will be welcomed in post-production and will provide for additional freedom in the creation of high quality unique images. These new Rokinon SP lenses are construct- ed of high quality aluminum alloy with an ergonomically designed shape and grip. They deliver a luxurious look, excellent durability and comfortable use. Canon’s exposure control modes are enabled and EXIF info is registered. The SP 85mm and SP 14mm are designed to produce exceedingly high quality still images and video with both Canon full frame and APS-C (crop sensor) cameras.

The Rokinon SP 85mm F1.2 full frame prime lens for Canon is an extremely fast, premium quality, medium telephoto lens that delivers superb optical performance even wide open. The large aperture and nine blade diaphragm can create a shallow depth-of- eld to bring attention to the subject, blur the background and create gorgeous bokeh. Ideal for portraits and weddings, it is also a perfect choice for shooting without a ash in low light conditions as well as for astrophotography. Its ten elements in seven groups’ design utilizes one aspherical and two high refractive lens elements to ensure impressive image quality from the center to corner of the image. The Rokinon SP 85mm F1.2 also retains a precise, damped and easy to use grip manual focus control. It also features a non-rotating filter mount for use with polarizing and other filters where positioning must be maintained.

The Rokinon SP 14mm F2.4 Full Frame for Canon is a premium quality, ultra wide-angle, prime lens that combines an advanced optical design of exceptional resolving power with simple, intuitive handling and precise manual control of focus. Its optical design of 18 precision elements in 14 groups employs four special types of lens elements and more than matches the capabilities of the latest high resolution pro cameras. Three high refractive index, two aspherical, two extra low dispersion and one hybrid aspherical lens elements combine for excellent control of distortion and aberrations with increased center to edge resolution and light transmission.

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