The Tac!T (pronounced ‘Tass-it’) is a 45cm ultra-flexible Mogami cable with high-quality gold-pin XX-series Neutrik XLR connectors at either end. What makes it stand out is its integral third-order filter. With a steep 18dB-per-octave roll-off beginning at 60Hz, the Tac!T passes most wanted audio in a location recording environment completely unaffected, but filters out virtually all wind and handling noise, as well as floor-transmitted vibrations.

The filter, which is not switchable and is carefully designed to fit inside the cable’s Neutrik connectors, is fed from standard microphone phantom power without compromising the supply to the microphone, and is electronically symmetrical, so as not to disturb balanced mic circuitry. Its buffered circuitry ensures that its performance is consistent for almost all phantom-powered microphones and preamplifiers in general use.

Signal loss
0dB @ 1kHz,
-3dB @ 63Hz,
-40dB @ 14Hz
Introduced noise (22Hz -22kHz) – 1.5dB
Max signal level +3dBu (<0.2% distortion) SPECIFICATIONS
Cable Length: 45cm (18″)
Cable diameter: OD 4.8 mm
Connectors: Neutrik® XX series, XLRm3* to female XLRf3, Black casing, gold pins
Cable Type: Ultra flexible Mogami® W2893 star-quad cable

Please see Rycote for more on the Tac!T.

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