Ikonoskop love the old black and white cinematography days so much they produced their own black and white digital cinema camera. To celebrate the free spirit of filmmaking, and paying respect to the masters of the art, Ikonoskop is now introducing the first black and white Digital Cinema Camera, the A-cam DII Panchromatic Edition Carl T. Dreyer.

Thanks to Wallstone for the video:

The images produced will take black and white electronic cinematography to another level by a monochrome sensor producing an amazing range of gradations.
This delivered in TIFF sequences. More information to come.
Ikonoskop is run by filmmakers and all products have emerged out of a
personal need for new tools of expression.
The A-cam DII Panchromatic Edition Carl T. Dreyer is an example of this.

Ikonoskop wants to pay tribute to the director Carl T. Dreyer and his black and white masterpiece La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc by naming this camera after him. And at the same time encourage todays visual wizards to take inspiration in the heritage of the grey.

Please see Ikonoskop for more on the A-Cam DII Panchromatic Black & White Digital Cinema Camera.

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