Remember the thrilling scene in “The Hurt Locker” where Sergeant Thompson (Guy Pearce) runs from the imminent explosion that is coming from an IED that is about to go off in SLOMO? For 10 points and taking a lead in the game: Name what camera shot the slomo footage? Well if you said it was an IDT Redlake camera that had our hearts racing in The Hurt Locker then collect your 10 points and go directly to GO.
Well here we have some fun shots of guys taking a slap to the face and goings balls deep in asphalt while not particularly sticking landings on skate decks all shot using the very tiny Redlake N3 camera.

Props to ashomsky for the videos shot on a N3:

Although small and lightweight the NR Series cameras are capable to attain speeds and image quality comparable to larger cameras.

Succeeding N Series, NR presents a radical shift in camera body design. By subtly adjusting the internal components, memory capabilities increased eightfold, to (currently) 10 GB storage while also augmenting user control, enabling the real time image honing Pixel Pipeline for superior image stability and control.

NR cameras are 3D-ready with the addition of a second camera; a short interoptical distance enables stereoscopic effects at closer distance. NR cameras feature a simplified rear panel with a single I/O connector for dust and waterproofing. The LEMO-16 (standard) or 21-pin (airborne) connectors interface with an external hub for multi-camera computerized control and video feedback.

NR cameras are indispensible for applications requiring the small size and weight, such as onboard crash testing or mounted airborne tests. With a sealed interior, the unrivaled NR cameras are the only choice for externally-mounted high speed image capture at high altitudes.

The NR Series are fully compatible with Motion Studio software package, via Gigabit ethernet. The software package enables simultaneous usage of multiple cameras. NR cameras are shock rated up to 200Gs. NR systems operate from -40C to 50C. Exposure times can be set from 1µs, minimizing motion blur for the fastest movements.

Pop on over to IDT Vision for more information and check out the other slomo camera models.

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