Jarred Land RED Fire Chief has announced that their Scarlet-W camera is officially shipping.


Here are parts of the announcement from REDuser.

We began blasting out notifications tonight…. The Scarlet-W program has officially begun.

Brains are going out first, and the Scarlet-W Packages should start going out next week.

Thanks to all our great customers for all for your support… and thank you to all the RED engineers for truly outdoing themselves on this one.
I would anticipate all DSMC2 modules / bits to be in extremely high demand as the rollout ramps up… Not just V-Lock Modules ( which goes to packages first ) but all the bits as we are seeing people buy stuff ahead of delivery.

And for the V-Lock / AB Gold mount guys Element Technica is on short supply.. They have some AB in stock and should get some more V-Lock’s mid next week.

Wooden Camera has alot of their DSMC2 stuff in stock and a few other 3rd parties are right on the horizon from launches so its a good time to be a Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven customer.

And OMOD is coming along.. keep an eye out on Mark. Jarred Land

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