A quick grading test with the new RED IPP2 colour science from Alex Boothby.

Red Helium_IPP2 Highlight Test (re: Arri Alexa Mini vs RED Epic-W Helium Test) from Alex Boothby on Vimeo.

This is a grading test using Red's new IPP2 colour science. The original footage was shot by nofilmschool.com, comparing Red Helium sensor to Arri Alexa. See: https://vimeo.com/202842588. I wanted to see how IPP2 would handle extreme highlights. I discovered that an additional 1-1.5 stops could be extracted from the highlights without the hard clipping seen in the original test. IPP2 is still in beta, but the results demonstrate much greater highlight retention, more comparable to Alexa. Special thanks to No Film School, Charlie Anderson, Alex Chinnici, Justin Derry, and Oren Soffer for providing R3Ds and DPX for testing purposes. Their original analysis can be found here:
Graded 4K Tiffs can be found here:

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