The RED V2 of the 17-50mm lens is now in stock. Optically they are identical to the first version, the only difference being that the hood has gone from a big flying saucer to a more “normal” 114mm diameter. 67mm filters fit on the front element. you can use 67mm filters or a 67mm lens cap ( it will ship with one for now ) or if you want a 114mm lens cap that will ship with it when it is ready. Existing owners can get their hoods upgraded for a $250 fee, you send your lens to Irvine and we will swap it out and send it back to you.

This upgrade will happen through our upgrade program and owners of the 17-50mm will receive an email with instructions.

Optically it is the same albeit the vignetting is slightly reduced at the full 5K sensor… There is no vignetting on 5K wide and below. you obviously will need a new lens cap for the new hood , which we will include once they get out of tooling in about a month. The new lenses and upgrades will ship with a 67mm lens cap right now to protect the inset glass elements, and you will be sent the 114mm lens caps when they are ready.

Front hood does not move at all at any point of zoom or focus… only the internal cell moves, and it never moves anywhere near far enough to get even close to the front of the hood.

See RED for more information.

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