The PT-2100 Pan Tilt System is designed to smoothly operate cameras up to 18kgs / 40lbs even though the entire head only weighs 3.8kgs / 8.5lbs. Dual ABEC-5 ball bearings support the hollow stainless steel shafts that allow video and power wires to be routed through the points of rotation.

Thanks to Visualk for the video featuring the ServoCity PT-2100 Pan Tilt System.

The system can operate in upright or hanging position. Control speed is fully proportional (variable) from 1/2° per second up to 20° per second. Installing optional motors, range can go down to .05° per second up to 60° per second. Toothed Kevlar belts ensure minimal backlash, ultra quiet operation and have a lifetime warranty. Balancing your camera is done by simply loosening the belt on the corresponding axis and adjusting the camera position.
Although this system is 2 axis, the joystick and controller included can control up to 2 pan and tilt heads or a total of 4 gear motors for future additions such as a roll and zoom, focus or iris control.

See ServoCity for more.

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