The Genustech Eclipse Variable ND Fader has now hit the market, and after much crying and begging after we broke the news that the new fader was coming HERE, we managed to get one to try out. While the Genustech Eclipse Variable ND Fader is claimed to enable filmmakers and photographers easy exposure control between a 2 to 8 stop range by simply rotating the filter we found it worked better when you take it out of the box and place it on a lens. To be fair it does come with a pretty box.

I have used a few variable ND faders in the past with broadcast and production B4 lenses with mixed to good results. Some have lasted only a few months and others are still going a few years after purchase. I grabbed a 77mm Genustech Variable ND Fader to try out on still lenses for both video and for taking photos. I am still putting the fader through it’s paces and so far find it spot on for what I want, and spot on for what I need.

“The Genustech Eclipse Variable ND Fader not only saves the user money, it also saves space in the camera bag. It’s the only ND Filter you will ever need. The Eclipse ND Fader has been field tested by a select group of elite photographers and videographers. The response has been extremely positive. Many of those people would have previously shunned the use of variable ND filters based on inferior performance from many other ND Faders on the market.” Mark Blaker from Genus.

Now I take offense to being lumped in with videographers, and photographers would take offense to me being lumped in with them.

The filter is made using a new laser based method that ensures superior colour fidelity and sharpness when compared to competing products.
Genustech Eclipse ND Fader beta testers have been astounded by the lack of colour cast and the sharpness of the filter. They liken it’s performance to much more expensive filters costing triple the price of the Eclipse.

The wider front element of the Genustech Variable ND Fader minimizes vignetting when using wider lenses, and the filter is available in the following sizes:


For more information and about the new Genustech Eclipse Variable ND Fader go HERE.

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