While it may look like a flying BBQ the XactAr Titan1 is one hell of a tough beast: The Titan1 is an Ultra Heavy Lift Multirotor Aircraft (UHLMA) Capable of lifting over 50 lbs and flying two RED cameras at the same time.

XactAr Titan1 Ultra Heavy Lift Multirotor Aircraft

Weather its lifting the newest remote sensing technology, or the biggest movie cameras in flight today, the TITAN1 is ahead of its class as the biggest and most capable multirotor available today.

Paired with the “XactSense” brushless sensor stabilization gimbal, the TITAN1 is poised to be the best option for LARGE payloads and LONG flight time multirotor aircraft.

Control via Autonomous navigation with waypoints or manually with traditional RC transmitters, the gimbal and helicopter can be controlled separately, keeping the subject of filming, or scanning in perfect view.

Payloads include:
Cameras such as, DSLR, TWO Red Cameras, the Arri Alexa and any lighter cameras
Multi Spectral
Hyper Spectral

Please visit:
XactAir.co for more information and update on this innovative UHLMA system.

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