Prokit ask can you hear your camera bag in the street shouting “steal me!” Does it bear a brand name that a thief might recognise?

Well Prokit having something that will scream MEH it’s just another bag…

Prokit Do Not Steal Me Bags

Here at Prokit we have sadly heard countless stories about production kit being stolen when you are out and about. From the open boot of your car as you unload, or an airport trolley, beside you in the street perhaps, or even from under your dinner table. We’ve heard them all. We’ve shared your pain and anger.

If the bag has a large label on the outside – Portabrace, Kata, Petrol, Sony, Canon and so on – then I have often felt it might as well be labelled “Steal Me”

The Prokit team have now done something about it. We are designing a new range of bags with NO NAME ON THE OUTSIDE. They certainly won’t have the Prokit name either. We’ve given them a reference name – Grey Label. In fact, they don’t even have a Grey Label label. Only a couple of the slim pockets have a small grey pull-tab on them.

Each bag has a business card size window on the outside to allow you to add information or branding if and when you want to do so.

The external colour is black. Plain black, that’s it. They look very smart, but simple. They are strong, of course, with YKK zips, metal hardware, good padding, and are well engineered. All that you expect and need to protect your valuable contents.

Oh, and here’s a bonus – they are made for us in London. Yes really, our designs are made here. That helps us control the quality and be flexible to respond quickly to new equipment sizes and accessory combinations.


Mark Holmes

Please see Prokit for more about their plain bags.

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