The PRIME-CIRCLE project offers to ZF.2 Series users the choice to upgrade their still-photography lenses to a more performing cine-style mode.
The Prime-Circle RingKits are available for every ZF.2 lens in the market and the DIY (do it yourself) concept makes it really easy to install. The RingKit is based on a ultra-lightweight ergo-focus gear for follow-focus, featuring also an extra-grip ergonomic ring when using the camera on the run in hand-held focus mode, a Front Mount 95 standard ring-mount for matte-boxes and cine-style accessories (90mm filter thread) plus an aluminum cap with clear graphics displaying the lens size and f/aperture.

The PRIME-CIRCLE Front Mount is designed to match exactly the ZF.2 Lens and the circular grooves offers the best solution to prevent internal reflections and flares when using large flat surface optical filters in matte-boxes: a solution used in expensive cinematography primes lenses.
The PRIME-CIRCLE Front-Mount is designed to offer full-frame 24X36 coverage with ZF.2 18mm f/3,5.

The choice to use ZF.2 Series Lenses (built only in Nikon F Mount) with the X-Circle lens mount (Nikon F-Mount to Canon EF Mount) opens your beloved ZF.2 to both worlds, ready to go in every direction the digital sensor race is going. Nikon or Canon…. F-Mount and EF Mount on the same lens!
The X-Circle Mount features Side Index View (pat.pend.) for focus and aperture scales on the side of the lens barrel and the sophisticated EF Cine-Lock Bayonet (pat.pend.) for cine-style locking of the lens on the camera. A real important step ahead to cinematographers demanding for precise follow-focus work with F-Mount and EF Mount cameras.

The PRIME-CIRCLE XT are custom mounted ZF.2 lenses offering “in-house” assembling by professional technicians. The XT Custom Series also offers a Side Code Barrel displaying with clear graphics the lens size for immediate coding of the lens mounted on the camera! Another solution inspired by cinematography primes! On movie production sets the lens size has always to be reported into the camera shooting log form, that’s why the lens size is displayed clearly on the side of the PRIME-CIRCLE XT lens barrel.
Aperture ring de-click and dampening with an aperture gear coming soon for a wonderful “shift on the fly” exposure control!

Prime-Circle XT offers double choice X-Circle (pat.pend.) bayonet: interchangeable F-Mount and EF Mount in the same lenses set. An aluminum custom cap with enhanced graphics for front lens size coding and rear professional lens cap is supplied with the lens.

An aluminum custom cap with enhanced graphics for front lens size coding and rear professional lens cap is supplyed with the lens. Several different XT Custom Kits will be available with PRIME-CIRCLE custom flight-cases (hand baggage size) for tough protection during transportation.

An innovative matte-box (MAT-BOX), that covers the 18mm/3,5 angle of view on Full Frame 24X36, featuring Sliding Compensation of ZF.2 lenses will be available soon, together with the exclusive PRIME-CIRCLE 90mm Series screw-in filters.

PRIME-CIRCLE RingKits can be ordered now, shipment starts from end of March 2012

PRIME-CIRCLE XT Custom Lens Kits are built on special order with some countries limitations.

Please go to LockCircle for more details.

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