Phil Holland from was invited by Jarred Land to test out the new Epic Dragon OLPF plus the new camera/sensor calibration.

Phil has been running stress tests that shed new light on the RED EPIC Dragon OLPF such as the minimising / nullifying of reflected IR flare or magenta glow around bright sources.

Epic Dragon OLPF

RED Epic Dragon OLPF
IR Cut performance is still wonderful. You will not need additional IR Filtration with the New OLPF on Dragon. You just want regular NDs. I have tested 0.3-2.7 ND.

If you look extremely closely you will notice color has slightly improved overall. Additionally in shadows and highlights IR contamination has been eliminated with the New OLPF. Those blue shadows are extremely pure (check out the sky in the Sun Flare image too). White highlights are white. Dark shadow areas are clean. You may noticed that chroma is richer in the 2800K WB/ISO 2000 Match test image as well. Good stuff.

red Artificial Daylight Source - No ND

For the complete look at Phil’s ongoing work testing the Epic Dragon OLPF please head on over to REDuser HERE and HERE.

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