From F.Barbian comes a short film with a tango twist.

The Panasonic VariCam LT camera was set to 5000 ISO, and Zeiss Compact zooms lenses where used for this practical test short.

Test Shooting VaricamLT + Zeiss Compact Zooms Tango from F.Barbian on Vimeo.

testshooting with VaricamLT at 5000ASA and Zeiss Compact Zooms (1 under urban light on Pont des Arts, Paris; Featuring Tango Unione Irène Moraglio & Patrice Messirel (French Tango Champions 2016); DoP: Frank Barbian, gaffer: Benoit Dupont; 1st camera assistant: Isabelle Lafont; 2nd camera assistant: Grégory Bendrihem, still photography: Leo Kaufmann, editing by Guillaume Labrousse, colorist: Jérôme Valdire, production manager: Betrand Jussielin, produced by Thomas Buchwalder+Frank Barbian, music: "La Mariposa" by O.Pugliese

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