bd pronto puts the Panasonic VariCam LT through some ISO testing situations. Specifically 4K 5000 ISO filming using available light, day / night, exterior.

Panasonic VariCam LT 5000 iso Native 4K- Available Light Day / Night Exterior from bd pironti on Vimeo.

Quick & Dirty Hand Held Day / Night exteriors with human subject shot around Dumbo Brooklyn NYC. My purpose in shooting this was to see what the VariCam LT camera is capable of out of the box with a Canon EF lens at its native 5000 iso with no further setting changes applied to further optimize image quality. Be sure to check out my VariCam LT web site at for more on this camera!

Canon 16-35 mm F 2.8 EF lens
Canon 15 mm Fisheye EF Lens
ND- Clear, .6, 1.2, &1.8
AVC INTRA 422 4K Codec
180 deg. shutter angle
Native 5000 iso
Variable Color Temperature 
Edited with Premiere Pro CC
Graded with Lumetri Color

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