Out of the Box and Set Up: JIB-01C | Mini Jib Arm from ikan on Vimeo.

The JIB-01C is a lightweight portable telescoping carbon fiber jib arm that extends to just over 9 feet yet fits into a 38” carry case. It fits easily on any tripod with a 75mm bowl and can support up to 13lbs. The jib has two mounting options for quick release of camera or fluid head, and two separate locks for pan and tilt, making it a flexible shooting tool. The JIB-01C is easy to setup without the need for any tools, and is easily paired with some of ikan’s existing E-image Tripod kits, such as the EG03A2, EG06A2, and EG06C2, for a full tripod, jib, and head configuration.

For More Information: https://ikancorp.com/productdetail.php?id=1049

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