Did you know there is a way to get Twixter style slow motion footage out of DaVinci Resolve?

Using a feature called Optical Flow, the YouTube Channel VideoArt GR tried slowing down the Sony A7s II, Black Magic Cinema Camera 2.5K & BMPCC camera’s footage in Resolve.

What do you think? Does this method work for you?


the 120 fps in the A7s ii is good enough but what if we can take this and make it 240 fps?? is it possible?
in davinci resolve there is one setting called optical flow in the retime section..its something like twixtor but easier in use
in most cases this will work just fine but what about some more fast complicated and explosive movements ?
thats why i took some shots with nikos partoglou doing his amazing parkour to see how optical flow can handle that

shot with the sony a7s ii in 120fps mode shutter speed 1/8000
filming/editing : Armen Bojikian ( FlavArt )
parkour by : Nikos Partoglou
music timeless By : Alexandros Pashalidis (Neoplasma)

slow motion test made with davinci resolve optical flow using some footage from the black magic cinema camera 2.5 k and pocket cinema camera

all shots are in 24 fps and slowed them down with optical flow to 10% so i can get 240 fps
Edited/color graded : Davinci resolve 12 with vision color impulz kodak 2383 3d lut

Filmed/Edited : Armen Bojikian
Song : The sea got me by : Orestis Charalampidis
e-mail : orestis.greece@gmail.com

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