When I first joined Twitter a few years back with the @VisionWrangler account one of the first tweets I did was about the Omni-Tracker the portable camera dolly. Loved it back then and still love seeing the results now… Well good news is the Omni-Tracker with OmniDrive is now motorized and ready to roll out some pretty amazing and unique timelapse videos, and neat straight up tracking shots. Now that I have three Twitter accounts @VisionWrangler @Cinescopophilia and @CameraRigs I think we will see more of this rig on all three accounts.

Rough test of the new Omni-Tracker OmniDrive time lapse dolly with the camera elevated to @ 36″ and rolling over concrete with large gaps in it…
The OmniDrive motorized time lapse kit which brings all of the Omni-Tracker’s shot motion capabilities to the art of time lapse photography!

Laura Lawson video from The Seventh Movement with Omni-Tracker OmniDrive dolly working it:

See more if you dare at Omni-Tracker.

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