Interesting that Sony have put their hand up and have now declared that they should take the lead on 4K and make it a top priority to have a 4K world. No complaints mind. Read the interviews where the guys talk about 2K and 4K video and how they discovered that vision shot at 4K that is down converted onto a Blu-ray disc can be restored pretty much clean back to the original 4K file. Race through to where the chat turns from the 4K race to the 8K and 16K mad dash.

Sony Semiconductor Business Group should take the lead in creating a “4K World”!
Top management in the Semiconductor Business Group set in motion a project focusing on bringing breath-taking 4K video into the home.
A compact display device that makes it possible to design a home theater projector capable of showing 4K video.
A super-resolution processing IC capable of converting familiar full HD resolution video into high-definition real 4K video.

Read more about the Sony push for a 4K World here.

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