October Odyssey 7Q Firmware Update from Ross Gerbasi on Vimeo.

Hello all, In this update video we have the great honor of speaking directly for Convergent designs ‘Director of Communications’ Mitch Gross. We dive into all the features of the brand new Odyssey 7Q October Firmware update. We have all kinds of great new goodies from 4K ProRes recording to a whole new Menu UI!

Check out the video to find out all the details and head on over to the convergent design website to get all the information on the Odyssey 7Q

Thanks a lot for watching. Special thanks to everyone that worked on the video with us.

Ross Gerbasi – https://www.twitter.com/rawss
Mitch Gross – https://twitter.com/Mitch_Gross
Max Wilson – https://twitter.com/apapics
Jessica Plummer – https://twitter.com/SketchyBones
Debi Gerbasi- https://twitter.com/ConcretNSewrgas
Red Clark – https://twitter.com/graymattermovie

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