Imagine the Ergocine Unique Cat On The Shoulder camera rig and the German made MOVIEtube rig creating a baby, it would be like the Logger’s Lunchbox.

Oh wait its already happened… In two flavours.

Loggers Lunchbox

The Logger’s Lunchbox (patent pending) is a pain-and-suffering alleviation mechanism that we’ve been fondly calling “the rest of the DSLR.”

It’s single device that combines intuitive audio handling, preamplification, metering and monitoring with a unified battery power system for everything. Banish the battery dance!

It features:

A 14v BP-U60 battery mount
Hot-swappable industry-standard 4 pin XLR input for any external power source
2 XLR audio inputs and 2 balanced line outputs
Switchable phantom power
Menu-free audio leveling and metering
Rugged 1/4″ headphone jack and volume control
Accessory power outputs in both 2.1 and 2.5mm standards
Welded stainless steel construction

The Loggers Lunchbox

This is the studio enclosure prototype. It mounts underneath the camera and is mainly for tripod shooting.

See Logger’s Lunchbox for more about their camera rig.

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