A quick liquorice allsorts post on Letus gear that popped up over the last week. The Follow Focus Gearbox which has been a while in the making and delivery has finally surfaced. That will be good news to a lot of people keen to try the Letus Follow Focus on their rigs. With the two November 3rd camera announcements from Canon and RED well Letus has good news for those. The Letus Master Cinema Series MCS range of rigs works well with the new Canon EOS C300 camera. Letus also have a MCS Cage for the RED EPIC camera and if the dimensions for the newly announced RED Scarlet X camera is similar in size then the Letus MCS Cage will be ready to roll for Scarlet X buyers.

This was designed around the Red Epic, so if Scarlet X use the same body as the Epic, this should work.

We can’t do anything about the C300 $20K price tag, but we sure can make it looks sexy with our MCS rig :-)

Here’s the new Canon EOS C300 with our Master Cinema Series ShoulderCam featured on the AP news.

The New Letus Follow Focus Gearbox:

See Letusdirect and Letus35 for more details:

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