Must be the time to release camera lens mount adapters because two have been announced. The RED DSMC Leica M lens mount adapter, and the Birger Sony F3 EF mount adapter.

The mount is finishing testing and should be in the store early December.
Fits both EPIC and Scarlet. Seals for dust and light.
Aluminum version $800.
I have a feeling ” Leica M lenses ” is going to be the search of the day on Ebay :)

When asked : Is there a limitation on supported lenses (heard there was a limitation on lenses with the third party mount? Jarred answered : Some wide lenses that have a protrusion out the back won’t work mechanically.. we are preparing a list of those.
The RED DSMC Leica M Mount:

The Birger Sony EF lens adapter for F3, late Nov delivery. 1st pics (buttons are prototype, cable only for accessories)

The Birger F3 EF Mount:

See RED and Birger for more information.

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