The Juste Focus wireless remote follow focus system comes in a few flavours to suit your shooting needs. It has been billed as the most accessible Follow Focus HF in the World.

Juste Focus systems are available as a 15mm kit, 19mm kit, and a Premium Kit.

The prices for the Juste Focus start from €1200 for the 15mm and 19mm kits, and the Premium kit will set you back €2100.

Juste Focus Details?

•A minimalist design which makes easier its handling because there are not useless options which waste time because no failures or errors
•Its compatibility. It is compatible with all types of lenses
•A high autonomy of the remote (more than 40 hours)
•The remote-control of the motor (range: 300 meters outdoor; 40m indoor) avoids shocks on the lens
•It is less expensive than a mechanical follow focus and enjoys the selling price the cheapest on the market
•Power supply and frequencies HF are internationally compatible
•It is lightweight and easy to use

Juste Focus

The Juste Focus is available as a kit, the Plug and Play kit. The kit incorporates:

•A remote
•A receiver
•A V1 motor
•A clamp: 15mm or 19mm (choice)
•A gear: module 0,8 – 0,6 – 0,5 – 0,4 (usually the 0,8 module is the most commonly used)
•A transport strap (collar measurement)
•A storage briefcase

Juste Focus Remote Control Unit

Juste Focus Gear

Need to know more about the Juste Focus system then hit Visuel Mouvement up or try their Indiegogo page.

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