MotionLock is another one of those brushless gimbal camera rigs with a twist.

The made to order custom built MotionLock handheld gyro-stabilized gimbal handles camera weights from DSLR cameras right up to the large sized cameras such as the RED Epic.

In fact the MotionLock will tote camera configurations up to 4.5kg / 10lbs.

MotionLock Brushless Gimbal Camera Rig

MotionLock Technical data:

Modular, made from carbon fibre and aluminium
Embbeded RISC micro-controller
2-axis via digital inertial measurement unit (IMU)
Closed-loop direct-drive
Cameras & gear up to ~4.5kg (~10lbs)
Power supply:
12V rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery for up to three hours continuous use
Duty cycle:
5 minutes to continuous use depending on payload weight and ambient conditions
Operator control:
Standalone with thumb wheels for roll and pitch or remote via standard remote RC with PPM output

The MotionLock Rig was used to get some of the shots in this video:

Some BTS of the Yasha video with a brief look at the MotionLock Rig. Note the bungee cord used on the EPIC camera sitting in the helicopter, and the guy filming up front on that Jeep with just a bungee cord for safety again.

Every unit is hand-made to the specifications of its customer. Just drop us a note and we will contact you shortly to discuss your special requirements.

The basic unit comes with a mount for DSLRs, thumbwheel control, two batteries, a charger, cables and configuration software.

The following optional extras are available:

Mount for multi-copters
Bluetooth module with app for Android
480p/576p video wireless link with receiver
1080p video wireless link with receiver
Mounting kit for RED ™ cameras
2.4Ghz wireless remote control with 7″ 480p/576p control monitor
External high-power battery
External battery connector for Anton-Bauer ™ systems
Onboard power supply for camera
Active cooling kit for continuous use
Battery insulation kit for use in cold climates
Mounting kit for cranes etc.

Hit MotionLock up for full details about their MotionLock brushless gimbal camera rig.

Massive HT to Cinescopophilia reader Ray Tracer for the find.

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