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The IndieVice is the world’s first universal Smart Body for The Smart Phone. By simply inserting your smartphone into the IndieVice, you instantly have a professional quality camera that fully utilizes the potential of your smartphone and other mobile camera devices.

With zoom-in/zoom-out technology, glare-deflector, comfortable eye-piece, flip screen technology, universal accessory mount, universal lens adapter, and all the other add-ons, the IndieVice will take shooting with your smartphone to a whole new level.


If you have an iPhone, no problem. If you have an Android, perfect! Shoot 4K video with your Sony. The IndieVice will make it tough for you to put it down. Be prepared to enter a new world, one where you have complete control. No cables. No wifi chip enabled memory stick. No transfers. Just shoot, edit, and post. Make productions faster, easier, and more professional.

The IndieVice, bringing the filming and photography power of the smartphone to the professional arena.

IndieVice Camera

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