Bad news first…


That revolutionary video and photography system for Smartphones & GoPro cameras from IndieVice has had its Kickstarter campaign cut short because of photos that were used in the pursuit of crowd funding.

Here is the official Kickstarter information…

IndieVice – Turns your Smartphone into a Professional Camera [Submitted by Howard B. Rockman P.C.]

Date: Jul 15, 2015

Howard B. Rockman P.C.
525 w monroe street, suite 2360
chicago, IL 60661

Sent via online form

Kickstarter, Inc.
58 Kent Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Re: IndieVice – Turns your Smartphone into a Professional Camera

Description of copyrighted material: Three (3) photographs created by Vadym Chalenko and owned by Beastgrip: A: Beastgrip DOF adapter B: besatgrip fisheye lens C: Beastgrip extreme wide angle lense

Description of infringing material: Beastgrip’s photographs were altered and used in its general descriptions and “Rewards” section.

Now for the good news…

IndieVice says this is just a small bump and they are back on track for another crack at funding.

Hey supporters. IndieVice hit a little speed bump. Full details should be sent out tomorrow. We are still on track for March delivery!

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