The Hurricane Wheels simulator offers camera operators, DoP’s, camera assistants, film students, and the like an inexpensive way to practice gear head operating almost anywhere anytime.

Hurricane Wheels Gearhead Simulator

Since the wheels technically simulate a simple computer mouse, where one wheel corresponds to one axis (X or Y), there are endless possibilities how the wheels can be used.

Gearhead operation is the supreme discipline in camera operating.
Instead of moving the camera with a pan bar, the gearhead allows smooth, precise and repeatable camera motion using gears that are driven by handwheels. The difficulty in operating a gearhead is that your hands have to do different things at the same time, comparable to playing a piano, where the left hand might play a completely different rhythm than the right one. The Hurricane wheels help you practice this.

Please see Matthias Uhlig or visit the Hurricane Wheels Gearhead Simulator project page.

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