Loved playing with your Meccano set as a kid? Great… keep that model construction dream alive now that you are older and into cameras with your very own DimpleSticks connection system.


The heart of the DimpleSticks system are the DimpleSticks-compatible 15mm iris rods, and the DimpleSticks block. These two parts connect to form rigid, rotation-resistant connections thanks to the tapered connection points. The taper both centers and locks the rod to the block, forming a connection that can be used to construct all kinds of rigs…all with a basic kit of reconfigurable parts. This system adheres to our third design principle… that reconfiguration is inevitable.

The making of the 15mm aluminum iris rods that work with the DimpleSticks construction system.

All of our rigs are built around industry-standard 15mm rods with 60mm spacing, and the DimpleSticks system is no different. The holes are spaced 30mm apart so you can create pairs of rods that will work with any clamp designed around this standard.

DimpleSticks 15mm Rods

DimpleSticks Camera Rig

Please see Hondo Garage for more about the DimpleSticks connection system.

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