Sony may have only just released firmware v1.14 for the F5 and F55 cameras, and then quickly followed that up with the v1.15 update. However fast-forward to three weeks later and Sony then drop the newly adjusted roadmap for future F5 / F55 Cameras & the AXS-R5 Recorder.

Sony F5 CineAlta Camera

Since firmware v1.14 the F55 camera supports 2x De-anamorphic in the Viewfinder during EE mode, with no problem on using 2x Anamorphic lenses. Playback mode isn’t supported yet however in this firmware release.

Now a quick look at the new Sony roadmap shows 1.3 x Anamorphic is coming to the F5 as well as higher frame rates. Up to 240fps will come to the F5, which is the same as the F55 camera.

Coming is an ENG style (B4, 2/3″) adapter giving you more options with your lens choices for the F5 and F55 cameras.

So there are lots of new features coming to the F5 camera but one really big stand out will be the ability to record XAVC QFHD/MPEG2 50Mbps simultaneously.

Here is the write up by Sony’s Marketing Manager for Super 35mm acquisition and technologies Peter Crithary

Sony continuously enhances any new technology to meet our customers’ constantly evolving needs.

We gather industry feedback and then give that information back to our engineers to build into future product versions.

After extensive input from all of you, we present to you the ongoing development and new firmware timeline charts for the AXS-R5, F5 and F55. They are below and can also be downloaded.

Highlighting the big update this month is the HD – 10 bit SR Codec, (SR File). This codec has been strongly requested for episodic television and feature film work; since it’s an extremely robust algorithm that is visually lossless (areas of every frame are uncompressed). Also, 220Mbps 4:2:2 and 440Mbps (both 4:2:2 and RGB) result in very manageable file sizes and very easy to decode.

The SR File is the exact same codec as used in the HDCAM-SR digital tape system, which was, and in many cases still is, the mastering and deliverable standard in the production industry. For shooting in HD, the picture quality of SR File with the F5 and F55 should prove spectacular and will be a key differentiation from every other camera on the market today for HD production.

You may also notice on the charts that, where possible, the F5 is updated with the same features as the F55. Some major changes to the firmware timeline include the support of exposure tools, (more are coming in addition to what is listed in the charts), and the addition of 1.3 x Anamorphic. False Color is confirmed but exact implementation is being finalized and will be announced soon.

After significant feedback about the F5 high frame rate, we studied the possibility of increasing HFR to the same level as that of the F55, which is up to 240 frames per second. As a result of this effort we are proud to implement 240fps in the F5 in a future firmware update.

2K RAW: September will see the same frame rate values being implemented as the F55 which are 120P, 180P, and 240P.

XAVC HD: Both cameras will have 120P HFR

Later we will implement the Slow/Quick mode, meaning each frame can be individually dialed in, up to 240fps speed. (Refer to the charts below for more information)

ND filter knob – We are going to provide an upgraded filter knob for FREE later this month. Details will follow.

New Cables – For purchase, new cables connecting the DVF-EL100 OLED VF to the camera body will be available, expected later in July.

B4 2/3″ lens adapter is confirmed, details will be posted here when available

Please keep in mind that all features are always subject to change, and not every feature is listed in these charts as some are still going through engineering analysis in terms of when and how they can be implemented.

So if you do not see your desired feature listed, don’t be discouraged. It does not mean that it’s not coming.

Remember, the charts only detail the major features of each update. As you know, each firmware update contains improvements and fixes not otherwise listed so we strongly recommend you stay current with each firmware release regardless if you intend to use the newly added features.

Sony F55 Upgrade Schedule
Sony F5 Upgrade Schedule
Sony AXS-R5 Upgrade Schedule
Sony F5 F55 Recording Format Upgrade

Download F5 Upgrade Schedule HERE.
Download F55 Upgrade Schedule HERE.
Download AXS-R5 Upgrade Schedule HERE.
Download F5 F55 Recording Format Upgrade HERE.

Please see Sony for more information about their F5 / F55 Cameras & AXS-R5 Recorder firmware update programme.

Follow the F5 / F55 Cameras & AXS-R5 Recorder firmware update conversation over at the Sony Community website.

Final word goes to Peter:

“Our firmware timeline does not reveal everything we are doing!”

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