The SmallHD 700 series of monitor comes in three flavours: the 701 Lite, the 702 Lite, and the 702 Bright.

SmallHD have released four Videos to help you understand the 700 series monitor better.

With a crisp HD display and the world’s most customizable Focus Assist and Peaking software, the 701 Lite makes it easy to pull focus.
Joystick Zoom is incredibly handy, allowing the user to smoothly zoom/pan around the details of an image without leaving
fingerprints on the display.

The 702 Lite has a uniquely customizable tool set to help you properly
expose your shot. Through the use of Pages, you can organize and optimize your monitoring workflow for speed and agility..

The 702 Bright represents a new breed of daylight viewable displays. Along with its exceptional brightness,
the LCD panel features optically bonded glass with anti-reflective coating.

700 Series Overview from SmallHD on Vimeo.

700 Series LUT Overview from SmallHD on Vimeo.

700 Series Focus Overview from SmallHD on Vimeo.

700 Series Exposure Overview from SmallHD on Vimeo.

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