IDX have announced four new ENDURA lithium ion V-Mount batteries are dropping at NAB 2014: CUE-D75, CUE-D95, CUE-D150, and E-HL10DS.

idx cue-150 battery

The newest additions to the ENDURA battery family are economical and cover a wide variety of capacities, ranging from 73Wh to 146Wh. Each battery comes equipped with a D-Tap and a 4 Step Power Indicator LED.

IDX CUE NAB 2014 Batteries

The new internal pack design cradles each cell securely to enhance the reliability and safety of the battery. Whether you shoot with small profile cameras or large power hungry cameras, you’ll be sure to find an affordable, safe, and reliable power solution for your setup.

See IDX at NAB, booth # C6916 or hit up the IDX website HERE.

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