Want a PRO Camera? Disappointed by the 5D MKIII then look to the Camera Awesome because it is just that “Awesome”. Camera Awesome is SmugMug’s new iPhone camera app. The Smugmug Camera Awesome lets you take beautiful photos using the camera you already have. No ads, no cost, no catch (seriously, it’s free). So go ahead, create those memories and share them on the sites you love. When you are done snapping then look at the editing because man o man this Camera Awesome sings! Not finished there… Like sharing then no dramas… SmugMug Camera Awesome has that covered.

How is it different?

It’s FAST. Simple. Beautiful. And so, so fun!

It’s loaded with gorgeous effects and filters that would cost a pretty penny in professional editing programs.

Share on the social networks you already use, like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more.
You Are SO Gonna Have Fun.

Here are some of the Awesome things you can do with this app:

For moms – Catch those first steps or the winning goal. With hi-speed burst mode and 5-second video precording, all of those moments are yours forever… and safely backed up to SmugMug so you can print them big and bold.

For adventurers – Capture your experiences anytime, anyplace, without weighty gear. Climb mountains, cross borders and leap from the sky with just your iPhone in-hand. Auto-archiving means you’ll never lose your photos when you’re on the road.

For photographers – You’ll love the exclusive collection of filters, textures and frames offered by post-processing superstar Kevin Kubota. Apply stunning, Lightroom-worthy effects to your photos in just a few taps.

Please see SmugMug for deets or visit the iTunes or App Store for a free download of Camera Awesome

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