Welcome to the very first edition for the Cinescopophilia Hit The Red Button weekly recap where we do a rate and shake up of the goings on in the land of camera production, camera gear, and the Filmmakers Pro and Indie that are lucky enough to be camera gear orientated. Part recap part guess who don’t sue but mostly a lot of fun in snack sized proportions. A lot of Guys and Gals liked the Vision Wrangler Cine Gear Top Ten so we have descided to do a fun weekly update on what was what on the camera gear scene. The inaugural first edition Cinescopophilia Hit The Red Button is dedicated to our good buddy crewsTV.

Ding Goes The Cow Bell:

  • Canon 5D MKIII at just a rumour becomes the star of one of those painfully annoying Please RT Twitter Competitions. Rearrange the words and it now reads Please FU Twitter Competition.
  • When is a Slider not a Slider when it becomes the transmogrifying Trawly.
  • Would you like a phone with your camera? I am sorry Sir your picture could not connect just now.
  • A self titled Guru normally busy returning cameras took the time out of his hectic schedule to publicly trash those he saw at the tip.
  • When is an SDI not an SDI? When it is a C300 SDI out at 60i. Sad face no 24p.
  • What is yellow and floats in the sky and has a 4 axis eye? The big NHK balloon no lie.
  • Bond Teradek Bond. Wrap it up and call me Proxies.
  • Man Cam, not Man Cam, Nikon Cam.
  • A Pro shooter enables all with a free GH2 Shooters Guide while the poor Indie montage Queen charges $29.
  • Another dodgy trade show video that again takes the gloss off new gear. Tip for Noobies Go Pro.
  • Put some cladding over old glass and wave the magic wand. Hey presto new lens.
  • I have 26” mine is 36” yeah well mine is 46” Oooh get your slide on.
  • The F3 gets a S-Log name face lift and original owners feel the RGB sin.
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