It’s a camera, but not as we know it… The Apertus camera, that open plan 4K RAW unit has dropped its first pictures.

Apertus axiom alpha assembled

We have pictures! And they are in 4K! But don’t get too excited yet – like a newborn who has just come into contact with the outside world, they are very RAW and completely uncalibrated and uncompensated.

4K image

Read the full analysis of the first 4K Axiom Alpha image content on the Apertus Blog.

Want to see what the Axiom Alpha camera would look like down the track… Well the good people at Apertus like to keep their project open source and transparent so it’s no surprise the camera currently sits in a see through enclosure.

Open Source Axiom Alpha Camera

Want to see the Apertus Axiom Alpha camera FPGA Floorplan…

The following animation visualizes the so called “FPGA floorplan”. A map that shows all the logic gates as the result of the FPGA programming. There is also an option to show how all logic gates are connected to each other. When turned on its hard to see anything anymore.

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