Here is the rundown from Feelworld for their GS5 5.5″ Monitor:


The FEELWORLD G55 has a bright 5.5 inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 high resolution display so you don’t have to carry extra on set monitors and scopes. You can mount it on cameras as a large monitor for the crew, hand it to the cinematographer for composing the shot, or set it in front of the director to review each take. The screen has a wide 160º viewing angle, which means it’s easy to see, even when several crew members are watching. You can view any SD or HD format over SDI and HDMI connections.

The most effective tool for framing, focusing and exposing your image, it features a mode that tiles histogram, audio bar, vector scope, RGB histogram, and YUV waveform in a border surrounding your video image, allowing you an unobstructed view of your video and scopes at the same time.
Aluminum Metal Frame Design Light weight, durable construction.You get a heavy duty metal that is comfortable enough to hold in your hand and still light enough to be mounted on even the smallest rig.

Full HD 1920X1080 IPS Panel

Better Monitoring, Super bright and clear HD display

With a 450cd/m² bright 5.5 inch high resolution 1920 x 1080 monitor and high contrast 1000:1, FEELWORLD G55 can be added to any camera to ensure perfect focus and framing. The panel features IPS technology that allows for near-perfect 160° viewing angles and deeper, richer, more accurate colors.The G55’s IPS HD Panel is the tool of choice for high quality color reproduction.

Multi-format Input/Output

Connect to professional cameras, camcorders and DSLR’s

The compact design of the FEELWORLD G55 includes HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs, so you can record from virtually any video camera or DSLR. The loop through output lets you monitor on larger HD broadcast displays or HDMI projectors. Audio can be monitored from the 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and for studio shoots, the DC7-24V universal power supply gives you continuous operation.

Video Analysis Assistant Pattern

Waveform / Vector scope / Histogram

G55 supports Waveforms display under both SDI and HDMI, including RGB, YUV, Y channels.The Vector scope and R/G/B histogram can be switched on/off independently to the waveforms, and support All scope Mode, allowing you an unobstructed view of your video and scopes at the same time.

Embedded Audio Monitoring

The Audio Level Meters provide numerical indicators and
headroom levels. It can generate accurate audio level displays
to prevent errors during monitoring. The audio meter is green,
and will turn yellow when exceeds -20dB, and turn red when
exceeds -9dB.

Flexible Battery System

The G55 has a flexible battery system that supports F970, D28S, E6 battery plate of your choice.

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