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Feelworld FW789

Quick look at features:

*Peaking Focus Assist
*Camera 5D II Mode
*Check Field
*Scan Mode
*False Color
*squared sementation
*mirror image
*screen Marker
*Center Marker
*color temp-adjust
*vetor scope
*RGB Histogram

Some of the FW789 monitor features:


This essential feature assists with the calibration of professional video cameras. It shows the overall brightness of the image assisting the video professional in correcting exposure. The waveform feature also checks the evenness of the lighting when lighting a chromakey or background.


Vector scope shows how saturated the image is and where the pixels in the image land on the color spectrum.

It can also be displayed in various sizes & positions, that allows users to monitor color gamut range in real time.
RGB Histogram

Color histogram:

shows histograms for each of the red, green, and blue channels.


The Brightness Histogram is a quantitative tool to check the picture brightness.The feature shows the distribution of brightness in an image as graph of brightness along the horizontalaxis(Left:Dark,Right:Bright)an­d a stack of the number of pixels at each level of brightness along the vertical axis

Embedded Audio:

The Audio Level Meters provide numerical indicators and headroom levels. It can generate accurate audio level displays to prevent errors during monitoring.

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