Some fine camera rig extender handles from Express35:

The Express35 XL15 handle is our 3rd generation handle set. It features a positive lock articulating point (Arri Rosette compatible) providing near infinite adjustments for a perfect fit. This handle set bridges 15mm rods to the postive locking handle grip. It is meant for DSLRs / Video Cameras that require the highest level of adjustabililty and strength. Works with any 15mm system. The Dual Handle system will mount to any 15mm rail system.


positive lock – Arri compatible rosette
ratcheting screw knobs
10″ 15mm rod extension
locking rubber grips
hard anodized aluminum

Also check out the Express35 Sony NEX-FS700 Grip Extension Grip:

The Express35 Sony NEX-FS700 extension grip allows you to replace the stock grip with a heavy duty rubber grip. Arm length is adjustable by using different 15mm rods. Provides more support for the camera since the handle is now extended and provide more leverage. Multiple points of articulation put the grip exactly where you want it.

How it works: Remove the stock grip. Screw male ratchet into camera rosette.

Arri Compatible Rosettes
8,10 or 12 inch rod length (10 inch shown)
Ratcheting screw knobs
Hard anodized aluminum

Please see Express35 for more on the XL15 Dual Handle Set and Sony NEX-FS700 Grip Extension Grip.

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