Four comments on YouTube so far; two postive and two not so glowing for the edelkrone baby camera rig; the PocketSHOT.

edelkrone pocketSHOT

One comment says too expensive and then this comment from YouTube user Dave Patterson:

Just what every soccer mom needs for her DV handycam. A stabilizer, folding, shoulder mount, prosumer thing. Not quite good enough for any professional on earth.. too advanced for pawn shop camcorder buyer. I smell a massive fail here

Back in the day you just didn’t buy something if you didn’t like the product. And that was it, but now for some reason you go out of your way to have a spray.

edelkrone will no doubt have the last laugh though on the PocketSHOT because, the customer who complains is their friend.

See edelkrone if you like the look of the $199.99 PocketSHOT, or complain on YouTube if you don’t.

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