To DoP or not to DoP…. What was the question? Oh I think they now include that title along with your mobile phone contract anyway.

So the question should be do you want to be locked in on a 12 month or 24 month DoP contract, or wait to see what iPhone have coming?!!!

Seriously, we know 4K is coming to smart phones and now we have this camera phone / phone camera from Pelican Imaging called the Array Camera.

Don’t you just love Copywriters?!!

Pelican Imaging has developed a revolutionary array camera for mobile devices that provides consumers with the ability to capture 3D video, as well as still images.
This will enable people to do some really cool stuff! What if you could refocus after the fact, measure distance between any two points, or create a depth map/3D model of any scene? Be creative.

Pelican Imaging Array Camera

See Pelican Imaging for more information about their Array Camera technology.

It’s come to our attention some people have not understood we are taking the mickey.

Enjoy, have a laugh, move on.

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