Chinese manufacturer E-Image which is a Weifeng company has a few DSLR Rigs, Follow Focus and a Slider on offer. Of interest is their take on a 100mm Dutch Head Tripod that can take a payload of 15kgs. The E-Image 7110H Twin Head costs around $4700.

The big boys like Satchler and Cartoni both make Dutch Head Tripods for around $5000. Dutch Heads have been around for a while and were in their heyday in the 80’s and with the popular interest in DSLR cameras it’s surprising guys haven’t modified Manfrotto Tripod Heads or similar to get in on the same sweet off angle and Dutch Tilt actions.

Here is a rip from E-Image word for word about their Twin Head Offering:

E-IMAGE newly designed a fluid head with twins heads.A extra axis was added between the twins head and it can be adjusted in multi-angle.Featuring the outstangding 0-7 positions damping and 0-8 positions counterbalance system,it ensures your shot in any angle at random.
Innovative design and Iuxury equipment let every‘twins head’user experience extraordinary feeling.You can enjoy the joy of operation whilst enjoy your shooting.
The fluid head is sutiable for professional digital video up to 15kg.No matter you are video professionals or amateurs,the ‘twin head’must be your ideal choice.

For more see E-IMage

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