What is a twin legged MonoPod? Well a GlidePod from Hague of course. For around $240 you get a MonoPod X 2 and once set the makers claim will keep the camera horizontal and allow you to get steady tilt shots by leaning the unit back and forwards.

An added bonus is the ability to glide the GlidPod from left or right creating tracking shots without the need of a track or rails, making a smooth gliding shot with ease. Suitable for all camcorders and cameras up to 6kg.

An optional Quick Release Adaptor is available making it quick and easy to remove the camera, or an optional Video Head can be attached to the GlidePod to add pan and tilt movement, enabling a variety of creative shots.

A day in the life: Mansfield Market Day (vrs2) from GreenwoodVideo on Vimeo.

More about the Hague GlidePod Here

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