Roman Alaivi has set you a challenge to download his test Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K camera footage and play with it.

URSA Mini 4.6K Test: Ambient / available light indoor & outdoor | Please download ! from ROMAN ALAIVI on Vimeo.

Just a simple test around a building. Wanted to get a variety of different light. There are a couple shots at :57 that look like the outside of a building where it's actually indoor. There's lots of tungsten and daylight filling those areas, so you can see how it handles that mix. Feel free to download, I kept the file small to make it easier on everybody!

I rendered this video to be extremely small so anyone could download & take a peek. Since it's so small already, Vimeo hasn't compressed it ideally, and there's a TON of artifacts that aren't in the original H.264 file. The quality could be much, much better than presented, but I wanted to keep the file size as tiny as possible while avoiding obvious compression.


Hit up Roman’s Vimeo page and get yourself some URSA Mini footage to colour.

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