DitoGear launches DitoGear GridWalker – a multi-axis motion controlled frame dedicated for visual effects, stop motion animation and art and heritage documentation industry.

The system allows for precise camera positioning within up to 3x3m grid using all existing DitoGear motion controllers and software as well as with a new GridWalker Capture App, dedicated for artworks documentation industry.


DitoGear GridWalker


Now imaging professionals working on artworks documentation and arts and culture institutions gain an off-the-shelf, affordable and precise solution facilitating demanding artworks imaging and documentation.


DitoGear GridWalker


DitoGear GridWalker works in an upright position or suspended off the ceilings with optical path pointing downwards.

Payloads allow for using a wide range of consumer and professional cameras, but also working with specialized industrial or scientific instruments.

Film industry professionals can extend DitoGear GridWalker adding Z-axis, Pan/Tilt and FIZ Units.




DitoGear GridWalker is already available for orders with the lead time of 4 weeks. Contact DitoGear for details.
DitoGear GridWalker introductory pricing starts at USD $10 500 for an 2m x 2m X/Y system.

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